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Administrative Team

A-Team 2016-2017

Back Row:  DeAnza Sampson, 8th Grade Counselor; Lauren McClaid, 6th Grade Counselor; Roy Kemble, 8th Grade Assistant Principal; Shannon Selig, Director of Instruction; Priscilla Smith, Academic Achievement Specialist

Middle Row:  Charlene Norris, 6th Grade Assistant Principal; Brenda Brewster, Behavior Interventionist

Front Row:  Kindall Tyson, 7th Grade Counselor; Wendi Witthaus, Principal; Diana Bell, 7th Grade Assistant Principal; Beverly Hurst, Academic Achievement Specialist

Wendi Witthaus
Assistant Principal (6th)
Charlene Davis-Norris  
Assistant Principal (7th)
Diana Bell
Assistant Principal (8th)
Roy Kemble
Counselor (6th)
Lauren McClaid
Counselor (7th)
Kindall Tyson
Counselor (8th)
DeAnza Sampson
Director of Instruction
Shannon Selig
Rebecca Novotny
Harlene Oeschler
Academic Achievement Specialists
Beverly Hurst
Priscilla Smith
DI Helping Teacher
Robin Petry
Behavior Interventionist
Brenda Brewster

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